can a man still get you pregnant after he has been fixed?

Although its rare it happens.My nephew and neice are twins that were born after my brothers surgery.He was to say the least shocked but it just goes to show that life always finds a way!!!
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yes, his body can essentially repair itself even though the line has bene cut and ends cauterized. it happens
only by a doctor error
Yep! My best friend's youngest sister is a result of that.
Occasionally this happens....but it's pretty rare.
I'd say NO, But then hey, anything is possible. Just think at how the sperm gets you pregnant anyway. It has to swim all that way into the woman before she gets pregnant. If the sperm can do that as it does, I wouldn't be shocked to find out the woman is pregnant by a fixed guy.
No he cannot. Its like if you have your tubes tied. Its impossible for your tubes to be used. Same with him. Once he is fixed the only thing left to do is to see if it is reversable.
YES!!! my dad had a visectimy done before I was born and he only waited 2 wks. Suppose to wait like 6-8 wks. So obviously I was an accident but i am proof that a man, after he is fixed can still get a women pregnant if he doest wait long enough afterwards
Vasectomy is the most effective long-term contraceptive method, and is among the safest options for family planning.
Yep. A woman can also get pregnant after she is "fixed."
Yes, it is possible
dont let them kid you. yes is the answer, but most of the time it is due to him not waiting 6 week after surgery and having the correct amount of ejaculation to rid his body of the sperm that he has stored.he has to do this as protected sex, you know with a condom. and then have a sperm count done again, to ensure the procedure worked properly.
No vasectomy is 100% foolproof.
If a man has been fixed he cannot get a woman pregnant unless there is a problem with his his being fixed.
I have a very good friend that he and his wife each had children from a previous marriage and they added up to 7 kids. Which he had custody of his 4, so they would have a fulltime house of 7 kids. They did not have sex before they were married because of the example each wanted to set for their children. He recieved the treatment 6 months before they got married. He was tested two weeks before their wedding to be sure it took. 1 year after they got married, she was pregnant. So yes.

Remember, Science never supercedes God's plan.

I told him he better take care of that miracle baby.... she was probably going to cure cancer or something!
While he more than likely can't....there is always the chance that he can. Stranger things have happened.

If you are nervous about this, my advice to you would be to have him take a semen analysis though the dr that did his vasectomy or by any uruologist. The results from that test might help ease your mind and his :)

Good luck to you!
yes. Sometimes tissue can help differently than expexted. Nothing is 100% except abstinence
yes it does happen, my brother in law got one waited the whole time, went and made sure he was " shooting blanks" and then my sister got pregnant with twins and yes they are his.

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