if youre pregnant, would you have a white discharge or?

i dont know if im pregnant so im trying to identify with the symptoms. its close to the date of my period now. i have tender breasts ( as per normal, if im not preggers! ). thats all. the areola are not darkening, i dont have spotting, no fatigue or cravings or anything like that. before my period comes, i usually have a white discharge, and i have it now. but i dont know if im pregnant. im scared. anyone can enlighten me? thanks so much.
yes there is a chance u can be p/g i have a lot (more) discharge when i became p/g my breast hurt, .... so let me ask u... r u tired more, do u pee more ofter, u eating differently??? well i think to get a p/g test is the best to tell..... i hope everything works out fine 4 u =)
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first thing you need to do is take a pregnancy tests.....2nd of all just go to the doctor a free clinic or something ....but most people dont find out there expecting until the 2nd to 3rd month so be carefull sweetie
Go see a doctor or clinic, if you are pregnant it is too early to tell by home pt test, blood work shpuld tell in about 24 hrs. If you are asking theses kinds of questions I have to assume that you are reaaly too young to be having sex, but if you are going to continue to do so, then you need to talk with someone who can educate you on the risks involved not only with getting pregnant, but also std's and things. I would say that you will probably begin your cycle soon, if you don't, wait a week then take a home test. But ou need to discuss these issues with someone you trust to give you the correct information. Your mother would be a good place to start, noone can explain the facts to you better than a parent.
white discharge is not good. From a website i went to thats bad. Check this website out http://familydoctor.org/234.xml
get a preg. test
um you cant just tell from tender breasts and white discharge that can come normal with periods and even with some females they have it all the time but if you are having the worry ( if this is just before your missed period) wait a couple days after your missed period and if you still do not have one then you need to take a pregnancy test also if you continue to have the white discharge and it gets darker or getts a really bad smell then you need to go to a doctor this is a symptom of a infection but the white discharge is normal
im pregnant my mom has had 8 kids i know alot about these things
Really, the only way to be sure is to go down to a pharmacy and get a test kit (or actually a whole bunch of stores carry these now). If you're in Singapore, you can get it in Watsons, Guardian, NTUC healthcare and most major department stores.

The kits are fairly cheap, about $10 or thereabouts and come with instructions on how you can use it and how far along you have to be for it to be accurate.

Trying to tell just by symptoms can be tricky in the early stages.
Don't stress. Stressing over getting pregnant may only delay your period. Give your period atleast a week to come before you start panicking. If your period doesn't come, now panick, you and your guy should have used some form of contraception if you didn't want to get pregnant in the first place. Next, panick when you get a test done and see whether you get a single or a double line on the preggie kit. Next, panick if you're pregnant and you're a teen and what you're gonna do with the baby. If you got your period, then don't stress. You'll be ok. Be more responsible for yourself and your future. If your guy is too thick headed or too 'macho' to care about you and the what if's, he's probably not worth the orgasm.

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