How far along do you have to be for the pregnancy hormone to show up on a normal pregnancy test?

I am over a week late and I have regular periods. I already took a test but was told to go back on Tuesday because it was negitive.
It depends on how much hormone your body is producing. I've heard of people taking up to six or seven test after their periods till the positive sign shows up. Just wait it out, and relax. :) I know it's hard to do, but otherwise you will just worry the whole time.

Good Luck!
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it took me about a month or alittle more
they have the over the counter early tests which can detect the hormone like 3 or 4 days before your first missed period. best way to find out is to go to a clinic (lots will do it for free)
It should show up positive by now It shows up positive at four weeks or so
usually with a blood test it is positive right away. and if it is a urine test, typically after a week of being late i would say that it was positive, but that is not always the case. i think it would depend on when you took the test. morning urine is more concentrated and therefore, you would have more of the pregnancy hormone.
Just depends on your body really, you can but the 1st response early and answer early pregnancy test and they test at 25 hcg level and that's the lowest ones on the market. I would think you would have tested positive by now if you are so regular
By an over the counter test but be sure it can tell just after a day of missing your period. I was very regular and I took the test just 2 days after I missed my period and it was instantly +
I'd recommend CLEAR BLUE (Jhonson's & Jhonson's) it is very good.

Good luck ......if that's what you want ;)
Home pregnancy tests measure the presence of a telltale hormone in your urine called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone, produced by cells from the placenta, first gets into your bloodstream when the fertilized egg implants in your uterus (about six days after fertilization). The amount of hCG in your body then increases rapidly over the next few weeks, doubling in amount about every two days. By 14 days after fertilization (about the time you would expect your period), some home pregnancy tests may be able to detect the hormone in your urine and give you a positive result. But in spite of their claims, most are not sensitive enough to guarantee you an accurate result at this point. In fact, you're much more likely to get an accurate result if you wait until a week after your expected period before testing.
ive had the same problem.. i had two EPTs tell me i wasnt [5 days after my missed period].. the next day i went to my dr and she took blood and 4 days later i called back to get the results and was told it came out negative but to come back because there was still a possibility that i was.. i read on a couple of websites that sometimes the hormone that is produced during pregnancy sometimes doesnt show up until about the 3rd month.. so that may be what is going on with the both of us.. good luck!

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