How quickly after conceiving will I find out im pregnant?

A urine pregnancy test can determine if youa re pregnanct 12-15 days after conception. Some urine pregnancy tests say that they can tell before you period if you are pregnant, but this is only true for woman who create a higher level of the pregnancy hormone, HcG.

Blood pregnancy tests can determine if you are pregnanct 6-8 days from conception. You can get one done at you local health department, clinic, or doctors office. The average price for one is about $30, and you wil lrecieve the results in about 20 minutes.
Other Answer:
i think 7-10 days
up to 3 weeks.
You have to wait till about 3-4 days before your next period. There is a pregnancy test available called EPT that can detect the HCG in your body about 3-4 days before your period is due.

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