How long can sperm survive, so for example on the bed?

My b/f and I had sex, he pulled out, but went on the bed and I sat in it. What is the likelyhood of me being pregnant.
sperm can survive outside the body for several hours to several days, if it was still wet there is a very real chance that you can be pregnant. there is a medical term for a pregnancy resulting from sperm outside the body... cant seem to locate that just now...
pulling out does little to nothing to stop you from becoming pregnant, sperm are present in precum (they get inside you even before he has an orgasm)
that being said the chances of you being pregnant are still slim, but i would recommend talking to your local health department about birth control you can find the number in the front of your phone book, and until you see a doctor use condoms they are a lot cheaper and less of a pain than a baby is!!!
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Sperm die when exposed to air.
I remeber reading somewhere that oxygen kills sperm. Now if it was on the bed for more than a few minutes, I think that you shouldn't have anything to worry about.
Are you kidding?

Well, if he didn't use a condom and pulled out, then you can get pregnant.

Hopefully, you are not.....that would be a disaster.
sperm will die in minutes after being exposed to the air. the likelyhood of you becoming pregnant is nill.
If no condom was used it is a very good chance that you are already pregnant. It is also a good chance if you sat on the sperm. It is not true that sperm dies when it reaches oxygen. They can live up to twenty minutes in the air and days in the vagina. If I was you I would be getting tested or the morning after pill. Check out this site it will answer some questions for you.
thats not true about sperm dieing when air hits it. think, men jaculate in a cup in the dr. office, it survives within an hour. if the sperm touched your vagina or close to going in and u didn't wipe it off right away, possible u could be. don't worry about it i wouldn't
Sperm dies within seconds of being exposed to air so that being the way impossible.

But there is something called precum which a male puts out all though intercourse. The possible of being impregnanted by this is higher.
But it all really comes down to if you were ovulating. And that would be 14 days after the first day of your period. You may be fertil 4 days before this day and 2 days after, but only for 12- 24 hours.
spermscan servive up to 3hrs out of the body and up to 3days inside if there was enough fluid the sperm couldhave gotten inside u. and the withdrawal method is not very safe as many men are known to release sperm b4 they ejaculate that's called pre-ejaculation and that too contain spern which can get you pregnant
I heard on like one of those radio "sex shows" that most "die" within' minutes, so I would think your ok. I also think if you sat in or on some your still ok, unless somehow a bit got deep inside you from a little heavy petting after. I think also your "time of the month" comes into play, where some days your more "receptive" than others. Also there is a thing called pre-***, well that's what i've heard it called(I'm not a doctor), which kinda oozes semen from the tip before the actual ejaculation, so if your not using birth control yet, you might want to start very soon.
In fertile quality cervical fluid (eggwhitish) sperm can live for up to 5 days.
In semi-fertile quality cervical fluid (creamy/milky) sperm can live up to 3 days.

When sperm is not inside the vagina, however, it will die within a matter of seconds (say, on the sheets)

However, if you're using the withdrawl method, there is a good chance that your bf had some pre-*** (you wouldn't have noticed and neither would he) which may be a potential problem if you're trying to avoid pregnancy. It's the most potent kind of sperm, so if you are pregnant, you'd be pregnant from the pre-***, not sitting in it.

Take care, hope this helped.
There is pre ejaculation....just because they pull out doesnt mean you are safe. It's just a likely to get you pregnant as him not pulling out.

- If sperm is dry to the touch, say on a finger or on sheets, is it dead?
: - I have read different places that sperm needs a moist warm enviornment to survive. What constitutes a moist warm enviornment. Does a bathtub constitute a moist warm enviornment? Can sperm survice in water such as in a bathtub? Can sperm survive on a "damp towel" that is used to clean up sperm after an ejaculation?
: - Can sperm survive in a woman's mouth and for how long, technically a moist warm enviornment? What if you ejaculate or get pre-*** in a woman's mouth, deep kiss, and then perform oral sex on her, can she get pregnant?
: - Can sperm from an ejaculation go through clothes?
: - How long does sperm live in the open air.

: Does anyone know anyone that has become pregnant without having intercourse?

Sperm are living cells. They remain healthy within a small range of temperature, moisture, molarity (content of salt and other chemicals in the moisture) and acidity. Sperm which have become totally dry, which have become immeshed into fabric, which have been exposed to destructive forces such as the enzymes in saliva, the heat, soapiness, or lack of balanced salt content in bathwater are unlikely to survive (continue to swim) for longer than minutes.
Pregnancy can occur without intercourse if sperm-rich ejaculate in deposited near the entrance to the vagina: this is a poor way to become pregnant but it has happened.

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Sperm cannot survive outside of the body.
if sperm remains moist, it can stay alive up to 72 hours! Once it has dried it is dead-even if it is rewet it cant come back alive.
I don't know how long sperm can survive outside the body, but it only survives for something like 24 hours inside the female. However, even if he pulled out, you can still get pregnant. Trust me, I have a beautiful baby boy to prove it.

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