can u get pregnant after the full day your period ends?

my period ended yesterday and today is the first full day it has been over can i get pregnant. i know that ovulation is usually the main key but that is not until the 20th is there a chance i need major info. What if the guy uses a non latex condom
It does not matter you can get pregnant anytime during your cycle. The same exact situation happened to me and well the most beautiful 3 year old red head sit across the room from me right now.

If a baby is meant to be there are no mistakes. Also, my mother and father stated that I was conceived the same way
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I believe that it is 2 weeks after.

this is a sick question. Too much information It is possible, but highly unlikely.

You can get pregnant anytime. The key is that an egg is available for fertilization. You should be using protection at all times if you want to prevent pregnancy.

You can conceive at any time;protect yourself.

yes i think after 2 wks

You can get pregnant even UNDER your period!


you only get pregnant when u ovulate n u ovulate after ur period 14 days or something from the first day of ur last period. so no u cant get pregnant if u have sex the day after ur period is over. at least its like 99% unlikey n since u used a condom latex or not that even more unlikley there is no way ur pregnant LOL agree w/ kubbyp... ANYTIME, say hello to my daughter, while I had "it" and to my other daughter 2 days after "it" ended!! ALWAYS use protection!!!!! Guess I'm in the 99th percentile... Love my girls..:-)

Oh yes ! Planned Parenthood website explains emergency contraception and the abortion pill (which are two very diff acting pills)

Yes you doesn't matter what time of the month or even if your having sex during your can get pregnant

12 to 14 days after your peorid yes

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