Can father sign over rights so he wont have to pay child support?

I am pregnant and the father of the unborn child doesnt want anything to do with the baby once its born. he said if i chose to keep the child, he would sign over his rights so he wont have to pay child support, can he legally do this in the state of louisiana?
I'm in Wisconsin, so I don't know if it'll help much, but my ex wanted to sign off on her rights to get out of child support, and I refused to let her. I let her off child support (my daughter and I thought it would be the best way to keep her out of prison), but (in this state) I have every right to refuse that request. Unless the state is after his parental rights, there's nothing much he can do. It should be up to you.
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He can sign over his rights...and I believe that means he wouldn't have to pay child support...but you would probably get a lot of aid from the government...
As a father there are a few ways to sign over your rights. Signing over custody does not prevent you from paying child support but signing your rights over in order for another man to adopt the child or so forth would than entitle you to not pay child support.
consult local lawyer plz.
Well, I can't say for sure without know what state you're in, but in most cases, NO. Tell the loser he's still going to have to pay. He will be subpoenaed to have a blood test, and when it comes back positive, they will garnish his wages. That's why some dead-beat dads don't have a job.
I think if his name is left off the birth certificate that this will automatically be the case anyway.

I had a friend who did this in the best interests of her and the child (although not financially).
yes he can....i have just spoken to my lawyer and child support about that exact issue yesterday
Though I'm not familiar with louisiana law, there are TONS of deadbeat dads out there! What kind of REAL man would ever consider doing something so foolish? I think it's entirely likely that he could give up his parental rights, but this doesn't make him less financially responsible. Contact a local attorney. Usually they will offer free consultation. It's a great question! I hope that you've moved on to a more reasonable man! Good luck!
Yep and we should be able to if we express before its too late to have a abortion that we dont want a child in our lives right now. If you choose to go ahead and have the baby for your own personal reasons then you can pay with your own personal money. That dosnt mean that he shouldnt see his child or that he shouldnt help you out (Money watching the child so you can go out ect.) but when he cant afford to he shouldnt have someone taking his money by force when he told you how he felt about the situation before hand and you have the baby anyway that right there says that you and only you wanted the baby so why is he obligated to do something that he wasnt ready to do when he told you
You should check with a lawyer in your state.

I dont know why you would want money from a man that wants nothing to do with you or the baby though.
A father can sign away his parental rights completely- meaning he has no rights to visitation or any say whatsoever in the child's life. If he does that he also is free from any financial responsibility, including child support. This is often done with the "deadbeat dad" variety, especially if the children have an opprtunity to be adopted by a new man in mom's life. A father doesnt necessarily have this option if the children are placed in foster care or similar situations. Also, he doesnt get to decide he just doesnt want to be responsible- that option has to be agreed to by the child's mother. The only advantage for the mom is to not have to agree to any visitation if he wanted it. If hes not going to bother with visits anyway- why give him the option- let him pay.
I work in childcare, and have had families go through these circumstances.
he can't just sign over his rights in order to not pay child support. if that's the case a lot of dead beat's would do that.
He does not have a choice. He pays whether he wants to or not. Take him to court and if the scroundrel doesn't want anything to do with the child , good riddance. He still pays.
It would depend on if you chose to make this a legal option for him. He can choose to do so, but only with your consent.
If it is his child and you get a paternity test, I believe he still has to pay. Signing away the rights just means he won't have visitation or custody.. but it's still his legal right to pay.

Check your state laws.
no and yes some ppl do it alot
if he waves all his rights then he won't have to pay child support.
my husband is pre-law
What a loser! I am not sure that the law would allow him to relinquish his parental rights just so that he can avoid child support...if I were you I would conter sue his claim and make him pay a lump sum to give up his rights.......that should get his boxers in a twist!
From what I am aware, he can sign over his rights, but by law he does have to pay child support. He helped create this child, so he should have to pay for it. Have a look at this site, hope it helps
Yes. But you have to agree with it also. Speek with someone at social services they usally have great advice.
Counsalt with a lawyer. Go and check at your local family courthouse to see what they tell you.

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