can a woman be impregnated by two men & give birth to a child with similar charateristics (dna) of both men?

No - once one spern gets into the egg it immediately develops a hard shell to prevent others from getting in. It is possible though for a woman to give birth to fraternal twins that have two different fathers.
meld1707 - you defined identical twins in which case you are right - one sperm, one egg. But fraternal twins are two separate eggs and two sperm. You are the one that needs to do your homework.
Reading some of the other posts (and many other Qs and As that I have seen)- it really is scary what people 'know' about reproduction.
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That would be no
Anything is possible.
No way!
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No. She could have fraternal twins with one being the child of one man, the other of the other man. She couldn't have one baby with two fathers.
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I highly doubt it. A zygote is formed by one egg and one sperm. No more, no less.
possible....doubtful, but possible....fracternal twins.
yeah, it's happened, on soap operas...
you should talk to your ob/gyn, and see what they tell ya...
good luck
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Oh that's so weird, because I was thinkin about that today...*weird*...but no...i don't think its possible, but then again...anything's possible now a days...
no. The sperm (like father like son) protects the egg so as to prevent entry from another sperm.
UH.No sweetie.Where did you go to school at?
no because only one persons sperm can fertilize the egg, and that one sperm has a dna makeup of its own and cant be combined with anyone elses but yours

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and no, you cant have twins from two dads either KG. twins are developed with one sperm meets one egg and that egg turns into a zygote. twins are then formed when the zygote splits and multiplies too many times. check your resources.
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I do not believe so but I know twins can be born with two separate fathers because of two eggs being impregnated within a short time.
I seriously doubt that that could happen. The only thing I could see happening is if the men ejaculated in the woman very close together, like SECONDS, and one sperm from each man impregnated 2 eggs and she had twins with two different fathers. That's the only thing I see happening, but I could be wrong!
No, only one sperm can fertilize the egg and that would carry only the DNA make up of the father who produced it. In the case of twins however, it is possible to have to different men be the fathers if each of their sperm fertilizes one of the eggs. This is very rare but has occurred.
no. it is possible tho for a woman to have two uterus's. she then could ovulate two eggs, and give birth to separate dna babies
Only one sperm can fertilize one egg. The male sperm has half the chromozones and the egg has the other half needed to make one individual. It is impossible that one man gives 1/4 of the chromozones and the other man gave the other 1/4.

There is a possibility that if you had two eggs already then the sperm of number 1 man could fertilize one egg and the sperm of number 2 man could fertilize the other. In this case they would be fraternal twins.
No, she can be impregnated by two men with twins (not identical) with each twin having characteristics of only one of the fathers.
When an egg beomes fertilized a hormone is released that makes the other available eggs' shells harden so a sperm can't get in. I suppose if you were having sex with both men at the same time there might be a very tiny chance that two eggs would get fertilized at the same time, but I wouldn't bet on it happening. If you want to have babies from two different men you will either need to use artificial insemination or you will have to have them one at a time.
If a woman had sex with 2 males in a close amount of time, and released 2 eggs (twins), and one male's sperm penetrated one egg, and the other male's sperm penetrated the other egg, then she could be pregnant by both at the same time. But, neither child would share any of their opposite father's DNA. They would only share in their mother's DNA. This phenomenon has been dubbed in medical literature as heteropaternal superfecundation.
This link has more on the subject.
Yes and no.

Yes - a woman can get pregnant by 2 different men if she has 2 eggs develop at the same time (twins). This means that she is either having a 3-some or has hopped out of one bed and into the next in a short amount of time.

No - one baby will not have the dna of 2 different fathers. One egg and one sperm. That is it. Once a sperm enters the egg, all the other sperm are blocked.

To be a littler freakier - if she has 3 eggs (tripletts), she could have 3 different dads for one pregnancy, but poor kids to be born to a woman with such low morals!
I am going to go against the majority here. Yes, it is possible. It's called: heteropaternal superfecundation a happens when the female releases two eggs and each egg is fertilized by the sperm of two different males. A link is below.
No, this is impossible. DNA (deoxiribose neuclaic acid) has a signiture which is unique to it's own. Sperm cells which contain the DNA and the genetic-code of that one person (man), cannot intermingle and become a combination of two separate individuals. These are elementary facts which are learned in the ground-floor level of microbiology. If you have had sex with two men, and you become pregnant, that pregnacy comes from one of the men...not a combination of both. This is HOW genetic DNA tests can prove who the TRUE father a simple DNA test which can match that one and only "father". Do some reading from a book on microbiology and will learn and acheive more answers than than you can file.

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